Eugene V. Debs Trial


"The courtroom itself was jammed with spectators * The prosecution opened ... with a searing indictment against Debs. * Darrow, 'who always sat slumped far down in a chair ...' walked toward the jury box. When he began speaking in his low, musical drawl ... they were astounded to find that by some curious twist of reasoning he had become the prosecutor. * But Clarence Darrow had planned too well ... The next morning only eleven * took their seats in the jury box * the case was put over * The jurors are reported to have come out of the jury box and shaken hands with Debs. That Darrow had acquitted his clients of the criminal-conspiracy charges was clear; the government never again called the case for trial."
(Photo is of Darrow at the Scopes Trial, 1925)
-Clarence Darrow for the Defense, by Irving Stone

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