The Trial of Harry Croswell



(Amherst College Collection)
Later in Life as an Anglican Priest
-Great Crimes & Trials from "American Heritage Magazine" by Thomas J. Fleming NY 1973 (Reprint of Article, Dec. 1967)

"The junior editor of
The Balance and Columbian Repository, of Hudson, Harry Croswell, set up The Wasp in July 1802 'in the Garret of The Balance'.
All the legal power that the state could bring to bear was trained on Henry Croswell's freshly hatched
The Wasp in an out-of-the-way town where the political killing of a newspaper by Jeffersonians could easily be ignored by liberal Democracts. Croswell was arrested on a bench warrant." - The Rise and Fall of Alexander Hamilton by Robert A. Hendrickson 1981

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