The Trial of Harry Croswell



November 16, 1802
On page 3, the Senior Editor [Sampson] "most pointedly and solemnly declares that he had no kind of agency in instituting"
The Wasp, and "that he has never written for it a single sentence" and he is "as completely unconnected with The Wasp as he would be if it were printed in the Indies". Croswell is still Junior Editor of The Balance as the masthead demonstrates.


September 7, 1803
The Croswell Indictment (Column 2)

     A "MODERATE MAN" writes: "nothing has given me more concern than * the trial of Mr. Crosswell for a libel on the President of the United States .... Was he refused the benefit of proving the truth of the charges?
     The District Attorney and County Clerk respond: "Mr. CROSWELL's Counsel was told by Judge Lewis that he should not be allowed to prove the truth of the assertions in the following indictment":

"... that Harry Croswell * printer, being a malicious and seditious man and of depraved mind and a wicked and diabolical disposition ... did on the 9th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two * print and publish * a certain scandalous, malicious and seditious libel; in a certain paper or publication, entitled "The Wasp" * that is 'Jefferson paid Callender for calling Washington a traitor, a robber, and a perjurer; and for calling Adams a hoary headed incendiary...'"

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